At Ability Francis, our commitment to providing top-quality commodities, including refined products, is unwavering. We work closely with a diverse network of refineries, each with its unique set of selling procedures and protocols. While these procedures can vary significantly from one refinery to another, our dedicated team goes the extra mile to ensure that we accommodate our buyers' needs whenever possible.

Navigating the complex landscape of refinery negotiations requires precision and attention to detail. At Ability Francis, our approach prioritizes flexibility and buyer satisfaction. However, it's important to note that specific refinery details, including product availability and pricing, can only be accurately provided once we have formally requested availability from the respective refinery.

To initiate this process, we require prospective buyers to submit an Official Letter of Intent (LOI) and Proof of Funds (POF). These documents play a critical role in verifying the buyer's capacity to engage in the transaction and ensure a smoother and more efficient negotiation process.

Our meticulous vetting process ensures that the buyer is well-prepared and capable of moving forward with the transaction. Once the buyer is cleared, we provide all the necessary information and documentation required for negotiation and transaction commencement.

At Ability Francis, our dedication to transparency, compliance, and buyer satisfaction is paramount. We understand that each transaction is unique, and our team is fully equipped to guide buyers and their respective brokers or intermedries, through the intricacies of dealing with various refineries. Trust us to facilitate your transactions seamlessly, always striving to accommodate your needs while adhering to the specific procedures of the refineries we work with."